PercentsThe rarest eye color in the world is violet Only 0.13% of the worlds population have this eye color. The world population is 7.32 billion people.Approximately how many people in the whole world have violet eys?That is a lot of people! Have you ever met someone with violet eyes? Lets put all people with violet eyes into the United States so that they are part of the 332 million people.Now what percent of the the population in the United States would have these violet eyes?Question 9PercentsWaren Buffet's stock went down 4.5% since yesterday. The closing price for this stock yesterday was $221.73How much money did each share lose?How much is each share of stock worth today?​

Accepted Solution

To find a percent of a number all you have to do is multiply.

For your first question this would be seen as 7,320,000,000(.13) which equals 951,600,000 people in the world.

For the second part you would do 332,000,000(.13) which equals 43,160,000

Your next question’s part a can be found by multiplying 221.73(.045) which equals 9.78

For part B, you need the difference of the total and the loss so it would be 221.73-9.78 which equals $211.95